Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tristan's Christmas Program (At his Christian Daycare)

Tristan's Christmas program was today at 4pm at Tempe Christian Preschool.  It was so cute to watch all the 2s, toddlers and infants on stage!  Tristan's age group just sat in the stroller and shook their jingle bells.  It was funny to watch some of the "older" kids because they would say random things and act a little crazy on stage, but they were all super cute!!  (He's in the far back left of the stroller)

Thanksgiving in California with Family!

We were so glad to be invited to California for Thanksgiving to spend time (and meet) new family!  We had a great time and we are so thankful to have such great family!  Tristan really didn't enjoy the car ride there or the car ride back - even after we bought a dual screen portable dvd player for the car.  He did love going up and down the stairs and James' and Sandy's house and he LOVED playing with the dog, Cooper, and with Cameron.  He also had a great time meeting Michael, Alma and Joseph and seeing Mary Ellen again!!  And he had his first experience at the beach... Travis actually got in the water and swam (yes, it was ice cold and he was the only guy in the water without a wet suit)!!

Tristan gets dedicated at church!

Tristan was dedicated on November 13, 2011 at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship!!  Here are some pics - we were so glad we had family there!

Tristan turns 1 - his official party!

We had a great party for Tristan at Desert Breeze Park in Chandler, AZ.  We had a lot of help from family - especially from Aunt Lindsey & Uncle Cooper!!  Holly's mom flew down from Billings and Travis' parents and brother and sister-in-law came down as well, so we had a great time with lots of family!  Thank you to everyone for coming - we had a great time and Tristan had an awesome time running around the park.  Not to mention all of his awesome gifts he got that he loves to play with!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tristan turns 1 (Mom & Dad & Tristan party)

We wanted to have a small Mom/Dad/Son birthday party to celebrate Tristan (and us!) surviving the first year!  It's been a lot of fun and we had fun celebrating with Tristan as well!  Here are the pics:

All smiles

Oh, I can't throw the frosting off my tray as easily as I can my food

Hmm... I don't know if I like this sugary stuff or not.

Definitely more fun to destroy my cupcake!

 Maybe if I shove a bunch in my mouth it will taste better!

Getting clean wasn't very fun, but I think I may get to eat paper here soon!

Way better than the cupcake, I'll chew it open with my teeth!

I love books!!

I'm ready to chew on the paper, Mom & Dad.

Here I go!

This tearing paper off stuff is pretty fun! 

Oh, there's a toy there!

Hmm... I still like the paper.

Yep.  Yummy paper.

Oh, I can climb on the box too, now that the paper went away.

This looks fun!

I love pushing things, this is great!

Okay, Dad, I am sitting on it, now what?

Oh, I move it and ride it.  Nice choice, Mom & Dad!

p.s. Tristan did get very upset, practically hysterical, when his toy (and Dad) disappeared into the other room to put it together.  Luckily, Dad had it put together in a snap!

We had such fun time celebrating our baby, I mean, practically toddler's 1 year birthday.  This celebration was all prior to super bloody mouth number two :( ... which was a result of Tristan having a water bottle in his mouth, tripping and falling flat on his face.  This led to motrin, ice, sucking on a wash cloth and then a much needed trip to Frys, where Tristan got to walk up and down all of the freezer aisles with Dad.  And they both had a blast doing that while Mom had a blast getting the groceries (it's true, I do love grocery shopping, really!)  Travis leaves Monday morning at 8am and won't be back until Thursday afternoon, so Holly is very glad that Grandma B is going to be in town!  Then Nana and Papa get in on Wednesday morning and Aunt Lindz and Uncle Coop arrive Wednesday evening.  Lots of company for Tristan's 1 year birthday party this Saturday, the 12th!  We're going to have an awesome week!!